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Graduating Seniors' Employments of May 2022


1: In the commencement of May 2022, we had a total of 25 undergraduate students that were either computer science, mathematics, or math education that were rewarded their Bachelor degree; and as well as 3 graduate students that were in the Computer and Information Science Graduate Program that has been rewarded their Masters degree. These records are highest numbers of graduates in the Math and Computer Science department in the recent 15 years.

2: Graduating seniors, faculty members, administrators from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, and the Dean’s office of the School of Arts and Science held a celebration for these graduates at the end of year with a luncheon special on April 28, 2022. Graduating seniors shared their thoughts on future and employment opportunities. Dean Dr. Patlolla advocated life-long learning for our graduating seniors.

3: These are some graduating seniors’ job placements in May 2022 here in the department of Math and Computer Science:

  • One student will work at Microsoft Corporation as Software Engineer;
  • One student will work at Meta Platforms. Inc. (Facebook) as Software Engineer;
  • Four students will work at Goldman Sachs as Software Engineering Analyst;
  • One student will work at Pacific Investment Management Company as Software Engineer;
  • One student will work at Morgan Stanley as Software Engineer;
  • One student will work at Prudential Financial Company as Software Engineer;
  • One student will work at Amazon as Software Engineer;
  • Two students will go to Apple as Software Engineers;
  • One graduating senior in Computer Science will go to MIT graduate program major in Computer Science.
  • Other graduating seniors also got job offers from Mississippi based companies, such as General Motor, C-Spire, etc.


Overall, our computer science graduating seniors have had good employment offers for this year. These honorable students have been hired by various companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, etc. Even offered to be employed in international financial companies and local industries within the state.

Other than being hired, one of very own computer science senior has decided and has been accepted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for post graduate studies in Computer Science, which Computer Science program is ranked No. 1 in the world.