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BA in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a 120 credit hour program designed to be completed in eight semesters. It is a liberal arts degree combining core music study in music theory, music history, and solo and ensemble performance with a concentration in another discipline. This will prepare the student for a career in either music or the other discipline, or in a career that combines the two. For example, students will be able to combine music and business, music and communications, music and psychology, or music and pre-law, etc.

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree includes one hundred and twenty (120) hours of course work. The curriculum consists of a 36 credit hour general education core, six hours of foreign language, 54 credit hours of music courses, 21 hours in a non-music concentration area, and three hours of free electives. The 21 hours of a concentration area are chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor. Twelve of these hours must be at the 300 level or above.

The following are the suggested curriculum guidelines for the indicated concentrations.

Biology Concentration
Business Concentration
Computer Science Concentration
Criminal Justice Concentration
Education and Psychology Concentration
English Concentration
Mass Communication Concentration
Mathematics Concentration
Physical Education and Recreation Concentration
Pre-Law Concentration
Other Concentration