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CLICK HERE to apply to the WCTA for National Board candidate support to become a World Class Teacher and NBCT, and/or receive the best professional development for teachers based on national standards and research-based practices.

The World-Class Teacher Academy is one of six Mississippi World Class Teaching Programs (WCTP), which originally began in the 1990s at only one Mississippi institution. The WCTP supports southwest Mississippi teachers as they navigate the National Board Certification process. The state of Mississippi supports the World-Class Teaching Initiative at university campuses. Alcorn State University (ASU) is the most recent of the institutions to enter into collaboration with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) and the Mississippi Department of Education. Our program is approved and legislatively funded to provide free face-to-face NBC candidate support for teachers in the southwest corner of the state. ASU's program, established in 2014, is referred to as the World Class Teacher Academy.

The World Class Teaching Academy at Alcorn State University is coordinated by Gail Gettis, M.S. under the auspices of Robert Carr, Ph.D., the Dean of the School of Education and Psychology, where the program is housed. National board certified teachers serve as the candidate support providers (CSP) for candidates of the Academy. Ms. Gettis is responsible for recruiting CSPs, recruiting eligible NBC candidates, securing financial support, and providing relevant training and support for candidates. The CSPs for the WCTA program facilitate and support selected volunteer candidates through the entire National Board process.

The World Class Teacher Academy at ASU offers several different programs to meet the needs of teachers seeking National Board Certification (NBC) or those who seek truly effective professional development. The WCTA guides and supports groups of selected candidates through the certification process. Ultimately, this program prepares teachers to the best of their abilities for effective performance through the National Board Certification process. It has been proven that the professional candidate support significantly increases the chances for candidates to obtain certification in their initial attempt. The WCTA's experienced CSPs have already gone through the process and provide practical experience and advice to candidates for successfully completing and submitting each of the required components.

Several options for support are offered through Alcorn’s WCTA to meet the needs of teachers seeking National Board Certification: Candidate Support/Mentor Program, The Pre-Candidacy Program, and The Standards Study/Prep Workshop (generally offered in the summer).

The Candidate Support Program is the core of the World Class Teacher Academy at ASU. It provides guidance and support for groups of selected candidates going through the National Board Certification process through regular sessions. It consists of monthly or bi-monthly meetings with active candidates, their peers, and a National Board Certified Teacher at both the Vicksburg and Natchez ASU extension campus facilities. Candidates may select the site most convenient to their school or home. Aside from regular meetings, CSPs are available to assist individual candidates throughout the process.

To view the scheduled Candidate Support Sessions (CSS), CLICK HERE. Please note that dates are subject to change.

The Pre-Candidacy Program is designed for teachers who wish to fine tune their teaching skills before beginning the National Board process, generally during the following school year or who desire effective professional development. Seminars are offered on topics such as: The Three Types of Writing (descriptive, analytic, and reflective), Videotaping Tips (for reflection on practice), Study of Standards by Certificate Areas, Collaboration in the Professional Community, and Outreach to Families and Community.

The Standards Study/Prep Workshop is a workshop designed to provide instruction on the standards developed by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The workshop gives an overview of the National Board Certification process and allows the candidates the opportunity to study the standards for a specific certificate area with a National Board Certified Teacher and peers. This workshop is generally offered in the summer to accommodate teacher schedules, or demand may dictate earlier opportunities.

What Does the WCTA Offer Teachers?

  • Seminars to study national standards and connect to practice
  • Regular meetings with candidates and National Board Certified Teachers
  • Individual consultation with one or more NBCTs
  • Cooperative learning designs
  • Access to study materials
  • A collegial support system and network opportunities
  • A broader local and national professional learning community
  • Select access to the ATLAS video database of NBCT submissions of actual classroom instruction in various content areas.

    Register for your National Board Certification online at www.boardcertifiedteachers.org

    an explanation of the current state mandate governing the reimbursement process for National Board certified teachers, counselors, and speech pathologists, please click here. View HB 207 (2016 Regular Session) for most recent changes to the policy.

    For additional information regarding NBC go to www.nbpts.org

    information on the Mississippi Candidate Subsidy Program, please go to the About Page of the NBPTS Site at http://www.nbpts.org/ .

If you have any further questions about National Board Certification, please feel free to contact your local Mississippi World Class Teaching Program coordinator: Gail Gettis, WCTA Coordinator, at (601) 877-2417 or (601) 331-1644.