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Dining Options

For tour groups/families/individuals who would like to eat on campus in the Dr. Clinton Bristow, Jr. Dining Facility, please see the details below.

Those who will be using a check to pay for their meal, payment has to be made through catering. If you will be using a debit or credit card, we accept American Express, Master Card and Visa. Groups can have their participants pay individually, however, we prefer that large groups pre-pay before coming inside of the dining hall. It allows our current guest flow to not be disruptive with the large groups. In addition, all chaperones and bus drivers must pay as well.

The current prices for the dining hall are as follows:

  • Breakfast: $5.25 before tax; $5.62 after tax
  • Lunch: $6.90 before tax; $7.38 after tax
  • Dinner: $7.25 before tax; $7.76 after tax
  • Brunch: $6.00 before tax; $6.42 after tax

Thanks so much!!! If you need anything, feel free to contact us at 601.877.4009

-Dining Services, SODEXO