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Federal Direct Parent Loan (PLUS)

Federal Direct Parent Loan (PLUS) Online Application
Noncustodial Parent Borrower Form

Subsequent Degree Application

Summer 2020 Financial Aid Application

If you are planning on attending summer, financial aid may be available for you. To apply, follow these steps:

Please read the following information carefully. If any of the information is unclear, please ask for clarification. For grant-eligible students, grants are awarded based on the anticipated enrollment indicated on the Summer Application. These awards may be adjusted to match actual enrollment as of the last day to add classes / tuition deadline. If you enroll in fewer credits than indicated on the Summer Application, it may result in an unpaid balance owing on your tuition account.

  • For Pell Grant recipients, if you have received your full Pell Grant award for both Fall and Spring Semesters (i.e. attended full time both terms), you may be eligible to utilize additional Pell Grant funds as long as you are enrolled at least half-time.
  • For Federal Direct Loan recipients, if you have utilized the maximum amount of Federal Direct Loan eligibility, you will not have federal loan funds available to you for the Summer 2020.
  • If you are requesting a Federal Direct Unsubsidized or Subsidized Loan and/or Federal Direct PLUS loan for the first time, please be sure to complete Entrance Counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) at https://studentaid.gov.
  • You must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits as an undergraduate; 5 as a graduate) to be eligible to receive Federal Direct Loans.

Verification Worksheets
2019-2020 Verification Dependent Standard (V1)
2019-2020 Verification Independent Standard (V1)
2019-2020 Verification Custom (V4)
2019-2020 Verification Dependent Aggregate (V5)
2019-2020 Verification Independent Aggregate (V5)
2020-2021 Verification Dependent Standard (V1)
2020-2021 Verification Independent Standard (V1)
2020-2021 Verification Custom (V4)
2020-2021 Verification Dependent Aggregate (V5)
2020-2021 Verification Independent Aggregate (V5)

Unusual Enrollment History Form
2019-2020 Unusual Enrollment History Form
2020-2021 Unusual Enrollment History Form

Children of Faculty and staff tuition waiver

Children of Faculty and Staff Tuition Waiver

Satisfactory Academic Progression Appeal for Eligibility

Satisfactory Academic Progression (SAP) Appeal Application

Federal work study application

2020-2021 Federal Work Study Application
2019-2020 FWS Timesheets


2020-2021 Application for Federal Teach Grant
2020-2021 Diversity Grant Application
2020-2021 Drug Conviction Worksheet
2020-2021 Asset Form
2020-2021 Clarification Parent Marital Tax File Status Form
2020-2021 Nonfilers Statement
Total Disability Discharge Acknowledgement and Physician Certification Form