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Memorial Resolution Policy

The Alcorn State University Office of Alumni Affairs is responsible for preparation and publication of commemorative memorial resolutions concerning the lives and services to the universities Deceased staff, faculty Members, alumni and other members of the university community whom have served in a notable capacity to the university.

1. AS A COURTESY, PLEASE SUBMIT RESOLUTIONS TO THE ALUMNI AFFAIRS OFFICE allow the office time to prepare resolutions for publication. Resolutions may be requested by emailing, Mr. Raymond Banks, Alumni Affairs Coordinator (rcbanks@alcorn.edu ). You will receive an email confirmation when we receive your resolution. If you do not receive confirmation within (48 hours) of sending, please contact Raymond Banks by email: rcbanks@alcorn.edu or phone 6018776323 . Resolution request are completed in the order in which they were received during normal business hours.

2. The office of Alumni Affairs ask that we receive written request within 7-9 days of the memorial service to ensure the proposed resolution is completed and delivered to the family or organization.

3. Those submitting resolutions should be prepared to submit a biography or obituary for use as a guide while preparing resolution by providing pertinent information about the honored or deceased life such as: Parents, hometown, education, occupation, spouse/partner, siblings, social/civic clubs, community achievements, etc.

4 . Resolutions can only be requested from one entity.

5. If a university representative is requested please notate this in your initial email. In the matter that a university representative is requested the memorial must be within 200 miles of the university campus.

6. There is a fee of $100 for 8.5” x 14” framed memorial resolution.
  • Non-framed resolutions that require shipping is $10.
  • Non-framed resolutions that require faxing is $0.

7. IF A RESOLUTION CALLS FOR ADDITIONAL COSTS OR STAFF TIME, the staff will contact the requesting person. The resolution, if accepted, shall not be put into action until such funding is secured.

For any questions or concerns please contact Raymond Banks by email rcbanks@alcorn.edu or phone 6018776323 .