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Title IX/Sexual Misconduct

Alcorn State University is a safe space for everyone. We are all committed to providing a positive climate so that every student and employee feels respected and treated with dignity at all times. Therefore, it is critical for each member of our campus community to work proactively to uphold these principles, intervene in instances that violate this policy, and challenge one another to represent the Alcorn spirit of knowledge and character. Your help is needed!

This webpage offers information about Alcorn’s work in support of Title IX, a federal policy administered by the Office of Civil Rights under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Education that outlines the responsibilities of schools to ensure an experience for all students that is free from discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence. The university has developed and implemented a series of measures to demonstrate compliance with all federal mandates and to fulfill our moral obligation to supporting and nurturing a safe living, learning, and working environment for our students. Again, we need you to help be part of the solution!

Most specifically, if you feel that you have encountered discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence, we are here to support you and to respond accordingly. If you are unsure about the definitions of these concepts, click on the appropriate tabs to the right side of this screen. If you feel that you have been subjected to sexual harassment or sexual violence and would like to register a formal complaint regarding the conduct of individual(s) associated with the university, click on the “What Can I Do?” tab on the right side of this screen.

For all questions, concerns, or reports to be filed, please feel free to contact the Title IX Coordinator for Alcorn State University:

Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion
(601) 877-6700