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Title IX Coordinator

Ikeecia L. Colenberg, J.D.

Ikeecia is the University Title IX Coordinator for Alcorn State University. In her role, Ikeecia oversees Alcorn’s overall Title IX structure, including development and implementation of education programming and prevention efforts, and direct support to community members. The Title IX Office, in collaboration with University partners, works to build and maintain a safe, gender equitable environment for students, faculty and staff in all aspects of Alcorn’s educational programs, activities and employment.

"While the COVID-19 pandemic is shifting the world around us, at Alcorn, our commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy environment that is free from sexual harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct remains unwavering. Whether you are still on campus, at home, at work, or someplace else, we are here for you."

Ikeecia L. Colenberg, J.D. & Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Office is responsible for ensuring compliance with the University's policies related to:
Sexual Misconduct (including all forms of sexual harassment);
Sexual Orientation;
Gender Identity;
Gender Expression;
Pregnancy; and
Marital Status

Alcorn State University is committed to providing support and assistance to all members of our campus community who may be impacted by gender-based discrimination, harassment, and violence, including sexual assault, domestic or dating violence, and stalking. We will continue to develop best practices to respond to and prevent instances of sexual harassment.

If you have questions or concern, my door is always open. You can contact me directly at (601) 877-6124 or titleix@alcorn.edu