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Wireless Access

All University students and faculty members that are physically located on Alcorn's three campuses have access to ASUResNet -- the University wireless internet connection. If you're accessing ASUResNet for the very first time, you'll need your passphrase. You can get a wireless passphrase by scrolling down and clicking the purple button below that says "Get My WiFi Passphrase".

Before You Get Your Passphrase

To get the your Wireless passphrase, you'll need to have your Alcorn Email account set up. If you don't have an Alcorn Email account, you can click here to learn how to get your Alcorn Email account set up.

Note: You can use the Wireless passphrase on your computer on up to five (5) devices (desktop, laptop, smartphone, etc.).

Get My WiFi Passphrase

How to Access Alcorn WiFi

Now that you have your Passphrase, you'll want to connect to the WiFi. Accessing ASUResNet can vary depending on your device, you can learn more about how to access ASUResNet by reading the knowledgebase article linked below:

How to Access Alcorn Campus WiFi