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Mission, Vision and Core Values


The Office of Internal Audit is committed to providing independent, objective assurance, and consulting activities designed to add value and improve the operations of Alcorn State University. The Office of Internal Audit delivers a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes to help Alcorn State University accomplish its objectives.


The Office of Internal Audit will become a valued and preferred advisor through building trust, fostering transparency, building awareness, and promoting accountability through assurance and consulting services.


To accomplish our mission, the Office of Internal Audit has established the following core values:

  • People - We strive to recruit the best candidates and are committed to helping each team member develop their skills and abilities by providing continuous learning, coaching, professional experience, and development.
  • Integrity - We are committed to the highest level of ethical conduct in the performance of our work.
  • Transparency- We will communicate openly, constructively, and with respect at all times. Reports will be accurate, timely, and contain relevant recommendations.
  • Commitment to Quality – We will work to continuously improve our processes and work products to enhance the value to our clients.
  • Accountability – We willingly accept responsibility for our actions and take ownership of the work assigned to us.
  • Customer Service – We strive to deliver unquestionable customer and stakeholder value and satisfaction.