Keturah Antongiorgi promoted to captain in the United States Army

Keturah Antongiorgi was honored with a promotion in rank for being a dedicated member in the United States Army.

The Alcorn State University alumna was promoted to captain during her promotion ceremony Wednesday, May 3 in Fort Hood, Texas. Prior to her promotion, Antongiorgi served as an executive officer for a company in The Warrior Transition Unit. She also served as a first lieutenant and platoon leader for an engineering company in the Army’s 1st Cavalry Division.

Antongiorgi is proud to have persevered through the long nights and early mornings of hard work that led her to being promoted.

“It feels great to know I’ve made my husband, son and family proud,” said Antongiorgi. “With great power comes great responsibility and to whom much is given, much is required. This is the beginning of a new chapter.”

The promotion made Antongiorgi reflect on her early days of joining the military. She remembers joining as an opportunity to fund her education. Little did she know during the time that it would be a life-changing experience for her.

“To be honest, initially it was to pay for college. Once my former military science professor afforded me the opportunity to attend the U. S. Army Airborne School, I got an official taste of what this was all about. That experience opened my eyes and made me realize that what I was doing was far beyond me. From then on, I knew that this is where I wanted to be.”

One thing that Antongiorgi enjoys about being a part of the Army is the togetherness that everyone shares.

“Being in the Army, you meet people from all walks of life. Some you’d never run in to unless otherwise being in the military. The talent, skills and experience all come together as one to accomplish the mission. No matter what part of the Earth you come from, the soldiers come together and speak one ‘Army language’ and stick together like family.”

Antongiorgi credits the Army for her punctuality, discipline and leadership skills.

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