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Mission & Vision

As part of the Strategic Planning process, the mission and vision statements for the university have been revised. These statements were submitted and approved by the IHL Board (March 2009).


Alcorn State University, a Historically Black College and University, is a comprehensive land-grant institution that celebrates a rich heritage with a diverse student and faculty population. The University emphasizes intellectual development and lifelong learning through the integration of diverse pedagogies, applied and basic research, cultural and professional programs, public service and outreach, while providing access to globally competitive academic and research programs. Alcorn strives to prepare graduates to be well-rounded future leaders of high character and to be successful in the global marketplace of the 21st century.


Alcorn State University will become a premier comprehensive land-grant university. It will develop diverse students into globally competitive leaders and apply scientific research, through collaborative partnerships that benefit the surrounding communities, states, nation, and world.


Continue to offer students an engaging, transformative learning and living environment, empowering them to become globally competitive, socially and environmentally sensitive, and technologically competent leaders.

Academic Excellence.
Consistently enhance its academic excellence and become nationally recognized as a premier comprehensive land-grant University offering engaging intellectual experiences and collaborative research opportunities.

Shared Governance and Professionalism.
Assess its processes to ensure that honest and transparent communications, merit- based systems, and accountability prevail.

Enhancement of Infrastructure and Technology.
Develop and implement a strategy to ensure that the technology and infrastructure exist to achieve the University‘s vision and mission.

Enhancement and Diversification of Resources.
Enhance its resources and diversify the sources of funding through partnerships, creative fundraising strategies, leveraging its intellectual property, and entrepreneurship.

Engage all stakeholders in developing an environment which embraces diversity of thought and encourages the acceptance of differences.

Community Outreach and Engagement.
Strengthen its community outreach and engagement efforts by encouraging continuing education, expanding community partnerships, and developing new service and outreach programs.