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A Brave Start

Dear Alcorn State University Community,

Due to the success of our health and safety protocols as well as the steady increase in vaccination rates and decline in infections, Alcorn State University is transitioning its COVID-19 protocols to more closely align with recently announced changes by the CDC for fully vaccinated individuals.

Effective July 1, 2021, Alcorn State University will begin modifying its “Brave Start” protocols.

  • Face coverings will be optional for persons vaccinated. Face coverings will still be required inside classrooms, laboratories, studios, and in vehicles or other modes of transportation when on official University business.
  • Temperature checks will be discontinued at the campus entrances
  • Capacity limitations for indoor facilities will increase to 75%
  • Employees and students who are otherwise exposed or test positive for COVID-19 will continue to be required to quarantine (for exposure) or isolate (for positive tests).

Whereas the University is relaxing the protocols, the key to fully resuming normal operations is personal responsibility and vaccinations. We continue to strongly encourage all faculty, staff, and students to maintain good health practices and to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Nursing school students are advised that clinical settings may require proof of vaccination.

Wearing a face covering, maintaining physical distancing, and getting vaccinated are all prevention strategies to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Employees and students are urged to continue to practice these health and safety measures. Vaccinations are readily available at no cost via Campus Health Services.

Lastly, Alcorn State University’s Department of Health Services is conducting an anonymous survey to determine the percentage of students, faculty, and staff who have been vaccinated. We urge you to participate in this survey. Your participation is imperative for us to determine how soon we will be able to fully return to normal operations.

As it was at the beginning and throughout the emergence of the pandemic, it continues to be Alcorn’s intent to do all that we can to reduce the spread of the virus while providing an excellent educational experience on our campuses.

We Dare to Lead!

What is A Brave Start?

PSA from Dr. Tracy Cook. Mask on, wash your hands, and stay your distance!

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