Cargill Recruits Interns and Graduates

Students in the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences had the opportunity to meet with and learn about internships and employment opportunities from staff of Cargill, Inc., a privately held global corporation.

On Oct. 5. A luncheon was held where Cargill representatives Rashad Hart, alumnus, Class of ‘98, a plant manager, at the Houston Export Terminal, in Houston Texas and Lexus Kennedy, alumna, Class of ‘15, a production supervisor, Reserve, Louisiana, returned to their alma mater to conduct an overview presentation, as well as to visit students in five classrooms.

Both shared information on the road that lead them to Cargill, their job responsibilities and challenges, and the many possibilities of career advancement within the field of agriculture.

On Tuesday, Oct. 10 and Wednesday, Oct. 11, Kennedy, and Michael Bates, plant superintendent, Reserve Export Terminal, Reserve, Louisiana interviewed students interested in employment opportunities and internships with the company.

According to Dr. Gwendolyn Lucas-Gordon, the School’s director of alumni and staff development, “Cargill has long been a valuable partner with the School in providing agriculture students with real-life work experiences that have assisted them with full-time employment after graduation

Some of Cargill's major businesses include: trading, purchasing and distributing grain and other agricultural commodities, such as, palm oil; trading in energy; steel and transport; the raising of livestock; production of feed; and the production of food ingredients, including, starch, glucose syrup, vegetable oils and fats for application in processed foods and industrial use.

Kennedy proclaimed her excitement at returning to her alma mater to aid in the recruitment of the next generation of leaders. She got her start at Cargill when she was offered two poultry internships during her undergraduate years. She has since transitioned to a full-time position within the organization.

“I was attracted to Cargill because their internship program was very hands-on. They assisted with my preparation for a successful career. Without Alcorn this opportunity wouldn’t have been presented [to me and others like me],” Kennedy said.

During the interview process, Kennedy and Bates asked students tough questions to engage their personal and professional competencies.

Two interviewees, David Dixon, freshman veterinary science major, and Zaelon Washington, freshman agriculture economics major, left their interviews hopeful and confident.

Dixon said, “I came to meet Cargill today because I felt it was a chance to gain some experience with the agricultural side of production. I ultimately plan to be a veterinarian.”

Washington added, “I am excited about the potential for an opportunity with Cargill. It would put me on track for a successful career after I graduate.”

Bates wrapped up Tuesday’s session, by citing the company’s strong relationship with the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences.

“We come here annually because Alcorn is one of our key talent pools. When we visit, we scout interns and also offer full-time positions to students who are graduating. They’ll then go on to developmental and leadership programs within Cargill.”

According to their website, Cargill’s mission is to nourish the world.”

“We're bringing together people, ideas, and resources to deliver products, technology and ways of operating that build successful businesses and communities,” the site states.

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