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Mission Statement

The Mississippi Small Farm and Agribusiness Center's mission is to develop a system that delivers management and technical assistance to small farms through resources of local, state, and federal government programs, various segments of the private sector, and colleges throughout the state.

  • The Center shall make management and technical assistance available to small farms by linking together with the above resources;
  • The Center shall research and develop small farm opportunities for new or alternative crops;
  • The Center shall develop a clearinghouse for the collection and dissemination of agriculture and economic data; and
  • The Center shall assist small farms in developing more efficient marketing.

The Center has provided a broad range of services to small-scale farmers and ranchers over the years assisting its clients by employing a holistic agribusiness model. Services cover identification of market opportunities; enterprise selection; acquisition of resources; production technology; harvesting methods; post-harvesting handling; value-added product development; marketing; management; organization development, and new industry nurturing.