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The Alcorn MBA Mission

The mission of the Alcorn State University’s MBA Program is to advance the knowledge and practice of accounting, finance, marketing, and management and to foster the intellectual and economic vitality of the community through teaching, research, and outreach.

Program Goals

The Alcorn MBA program aims to develop students who are:

  • Knowledgeable in the various functional and cross-functional areas of business
  • Prepared to lead disruptive change in a world characterized by uncertainties
  • Able to apply a blend of thinking styles to address complex problems sustainably
  • Effective at oral, written, and technology mediated communication
  • Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and beyond

  • Why an MBA Program from Alcorn State University?

    For different individuals, an MBA serves different purposes. For some, it is an accelerated pathway to a managerial career. For some, it speeds up career advancement. For some others, it helps organize and manage their current roles better. Depending upon the kind of MBA, it may also help improve the likelihood entrepreneurial success.

    The MBA program will help you gain an understanding of the “big picture’ of business and also the different functional areas of it such as marketing, finance, and human resources management. It introduces them to analytical tools and techniques typically used by managers. The Alcorn MBA goes one step further by offering the students hands on perspectives on contemporary challenges faced by businesses that defy reductionistic understanding.

    Our MBA students will advance the knowledge and practice of business management and allied fields. They will foster the intellectual and economic vitality of the communities that they serve.

    What Distinguishes Us

    • Superior value education at a very affordable price
    • Emphasis on real life applications of managerial knowledge
    • Preparation to make you successful in a range of industries, professions, and functional areas.
    • Significant attention to futuristic developments in the various business domains
    • On-campus, online, and hybrid modalities of instruction
    • Variety of concentrations and emphasis areas to choose from
    • Opportunities to participate in service learning, internships, and study abroad programs
    • Small class sizes and resultant individualized attention
    • Learn from a mix of scholarly and practitioner faculty
    • Advisory board composed of accomplished business and community leaders
    • Thick network of active alumni and industry partners
    • Inclusive campus culture that celebrates diversity
    • Development of learners into ethical business leaders

    Time to Degree (typically): 1.5 – 2 years*

    Total Credit Hours: 36 hours

    We allow students to transfer upto 6 hours of relavant graduate level courses from other institutions.

    Admission Requirements

    Applicants must have an undergraduate degree and meet all graduate school admission requirements.

    GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) / GRE (Graduate Record Examination) scores are not required until further notice. Students whose first language is not English must submit acceptable scores from Test of English as a Foreign Language or IELTS. For admission details and application for admission, click here.

    Courses, Structure, and Schedule

    MBA CORE (18 Hours Required)



    Summer I

    Summer II

    FI 630 Financial Analysis (3 hrs.)

    AC 680 Managerial Accounting (3 hrs.)

    MK 650 Marketing Analysis (3 hrs.)

    MG 644 Production – Operations Analysis (3 hrs.)

    MG 640 Organizational Behavior (3 hrs.)

    BA 620 Managerial Economics (3 hrs.)

    MBA CAPSTONE (3 Hours Required)

    MG 690 Business Policy (3 hrs.)

    MG 690 Business Policy (3 hrs.)

    MG 690 Business Policy (3 hrs.)

    MBA ELECTIVES (15 Hours Required)

    MHG 642 Foundations of Hospitality Industry (3 hrs.)

    MHG 612 Casino and Gaming Management (3 hrs.)

    MHG 614 Principles of Hotel Management (3 hrs.)

    MK 654 Consumer Behavior (3 hrs.)

    MK 659 Special Topics in Marketing (3 hrs.)

    MK 656 International Marketing (3 hrs.)

    FI 638 Bank Management (3 hrs.)

    FI 634 Financial Investment Analysis and Policy (3 hrs.)

    FI 632 Financial Institutions (3 hrs.)

    MG 641 Human Resource Management (3 hrs.)

    MG 648 Staffing Organizations (3 hrs.)

    MG 649 Special Topics in Management (3 hrs.)

    Internship (3 hrs.)

    Internship (3 hrs.)

    Internship (3 hrs.)

    Internship (3 hrs.)


    Note: MBA electives may be chosen from Finance (FI), Human Resources (MG), Marketing (MK), or Hospitality – Gaming (MHG) areas. Appropriate graduate level courses offered by other Alcorn University academic departments may also be considered as MBA electives, with the prior approval of your MBA advisor.

    Note: The courses, structure, and schedule given above are subject to change.

    Dr. Babu George, Interim Dean, Chair, and Professor
    E-mail: bgeorge@alcorn.edu
    Phone: (601) 304-4309

    Mrs. Deautral D. Davis, Administrative Assistant
    E-mail: dddavis@alcorn.edu
    Phone: (601) 304-4309