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Image of DeMichael Queen, graduate of the class of 2015 It was not easy to transition from high school to college, but because of the Student Support Service Program, it made me feel comfortable to do so. This program was one of the best decisions I made when I was in college. The relationship that you build with the staff is remarkable. The mentors will guide you towards becoming a better student and how to adapt to the college life. To be a SSS student does not mean you are incapable, it means you take your future seriously and are unafraid to seek the necessary aid to lead you through a successful college experience . There are many benefits of this program including being able to talk with advisors about any situation, being academic or personal, allowed me to become immersed in activities which built friendships with other students, and prepared me for my next step, graduate school. After graduation, I was one of four individuals to be accepted into the D.R.E.A.M. program at Florida State University for the summer. I've also been accepted into Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University's College of Engineering program to receive my Masters in Electrical Engineering. I came to college very anxious about what to expect and was not very good at reaching out for help, but with the SSS Program, I knew that I had a support system to count on and for that, I am thankful.
-- DeMichael Queen - Class of 2015

Image of ElShamekia Winding, graduate of the class of 2015Throughout my undergraduate years, I served as a proud member of Student Support Services. I became aware of the program from a recent graduate at the time, that I would excell with the support received from this program. She insisted that I sign up, and I must say that I am ecstatic that I did. As a SSS student, I was fortunate to matriculate through college with a breeze. The assistance and the unremitting support of the counselors/mentors, made Alcorn State University my home away from home. From the assistance with class schedules, tutorial services, and the providing of financial support, this program provided everything that I needed as a young adult with big dreams. It is always a pleasure to be a part of something with people who have your best interest at heart, and I found that in the faculty, staff, and other members of this very program. I am thankful, and I encourage all freshmen and sophomores to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. I currently reside in Washington, D.C where I work at the United States Department of Agriculture headquarters as a Program Analyst with the Foreign Agricultural Service. I do believe that the support system, the guidance, and academic development retained from SSS deserve partial credit for my achievements thus far. I would like to thank all of the staff and advisors for their continuous support.
-- ElShamekia Winding - Class of 2015

Image of Dr. Elmira Ratliff, graduate of the class of 2007The experiences I had in the Student Support Services program greatly enhanced my life as an undergraduate student. During my years at Alcorn State University, Student Support Services enabled me to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English without worrying about financial challenges. Some of the services I received as a member of Student Support Service included scholarship money, book loans, computer lab usage, academic tutoring in Math, graduate school/career preparation and ongoing academic advising. Not only were the services of Student Support Services beneficial, but the staff members always had their doors open and created an environment of support and encouragement to all students who entered the office. Because of an educational field trip sponsored by Student Support Services during my senior year at Alcorn State University, I chose to attend the University of Mississippi for my doctorate degree, which I obtained in 2014. Currently, I am the Lead Curriculum Specialist in the Office of Curriculum and Instruction at the Mississippi Community College board where I manage the development and revision of Career and Technical Education curriculum for the fifteen Communtiy Colleges in the State of Mississippi. During my spare time, I enjoy teaching adjunct English and Education courses for community colleges, universities and proprietary schools in Mississippi.
-- Dr. Elmira Ratliff - Class of 2007