Alcorn student recounts her experience studying abroad

Alcorn student recounts her experience studying abroad 

Rica A Mitchell, a sociology major, recently returned from an academic study abroad semester in Ifrane, Morocco where she studied at the prestigious Al Akhawayn University. 

Rica, a Chicago native, has always wanted to study abroad, and learned about the opportunity as a sophomore, when she ventured into the Office of Global Programs to explore international study opportunities. Morocco was a natural choice because she wanted to experience first –hand a multicultural society with a rich culture and diverse landscape. 

With a limited Arabic background, Rica applied to Al Akhawayn in Ifrane, Morocco to study for a semester abroad.  She arrived in Morocco eager to discover their history, expose herself to a new and complex culture, develop her Arabic language skills and intellectually challenge herself. In addition to language courses, Rica attended classes in gender studies, Arab history and social theory. 

Rica’s semester abroad however was not all studying. Over the course of her stay in Morocco, she  learn about North Africa, and experienced various aspects of Moroccan culture through club activities and field trips to such places as the sand dunes of southern Morocco, the historical medina of Fez, and the dazzling cities of Marrakech and Casablanca. She travelled extensively on a wide range of independent trips, venturing into neighboring countries Egypt and Spain.  

Motivated by her semester abroad, Rica has made herself available to recount her positive experience to students interested in learning about the world and study abroad. 

She has begun to think ahead to her future and admits that her travels abroad have helped her reconsider her own ideas and perceptions in addition to rediscovering herself. During time spent in North Africa, Rica redefined her career goals, deciding how she wanted to use her degree. Armed with a new worldly view, Arabic language, strengthened resume, and know-how, Rica is eager to combine her degree with an international lifestyle, possibly working with the U.S Foreign Service or the CIA. 

“Now I have a worldly view and I am beginning to think on a global scale” said Rica. “It was an experience of a lifetime.  It has helped me in every aspect of my life”. 

For more information on Study Abroad Programs, visit the Office of Global Programs located in the Multicultural and International Affairs Building or call 601.877.6533.