HPER for Fitness Program

HPER for Fitness

Now that Spring has sprung, there’s no better time to work off those winter pounds and be ready for those spring and summer fashions and events. Get ready to shape up and get fit by participating in the HPER for Fitness program. This program offers a variety of exercise options, listed below in detail, designed to start right where you are and get you to your fitness goal. And best of all the program is free and available to students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community!

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Description of Activities

Beginners to Fitness: The developing of endurance, cardiovascular system, and body strength of participants who are not fit and ready for aerobic activities.  

Aerobics: Aerobic dance and cardio conditioning exercises to improve cardiovascular endurance, toning upper and lower body, and continuous choreographed activities to help participants’ burn calories.

Body Sculpting (Pilates): Will help participants with stress, flexibility, and muscular endurance.

Cardio Training (Treadmills, Bikes, & Elliptical machines): Designed to help participants with cardiovascular endurance, weight loss, and toning.

Group Exercise: Improving cardio with aerobic rhythmic work out, kettle ball exercises, zumba exercises, medicine balls, stability balls, and dumbbells.

Nutritional program: The evaluation of participants in a “six week weight loss program”. Sodexo/Campus Chef (Mr. Brian Lee) will provide a healthy meal plan option for participants, and Ms. Dorothy Jackson, RN (Director of Health & Disability Services) will partner with the HPER Department to design a nutrition and fitness plan. Participants will be assessed by interns (student majors) representing the nursing and nutrition departments in conducting an evaluation of participants’ BMI, cholesterol level, glucose level, and blood pressure.

Spin Cycle (Spin Class): Designed to help in the improvement of cardiovascular endurance and weight loss.

Strength Training (Stationary Weights): Will aid in improving muscular strength, toning, flexibility, and weight loss.

Resistance Tubing Training (resistance tubing/form of isometric): consists of improving flexibility, muscular strength, body core, and toning.

Yoga-will reduce stress through meditation, enhanced flexibility, toning, and muscular strength.

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