ASU Swine Development Center to host field day

ASU Swine Development Center to host field day

Alcorn State, Miss. (May 10, 2012) – The annual Alcorn State University Pork Producers Field Day will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. at the ASU Church Hill Swine Forum, Church Hill, Mississippi, according to Dr. Michael Ezekwe, director of the ASU Swine Development Center.

A Swine Workshop will cover topics on pasture pork production and management, best pasture breeds, and outreach support for producers, including loan availability and financial recordkeeping.

Mr. Melvin Nettles, Sr., of Pattison, Mississippi, who will give a presentation on pasture pork production from a producer’s perspective.  In addition, information will be provided by ASU faculty members on how to raise and market hogs; set up facilities for pasture and pork production; and various feeding and production practices.  A tour of the facility demonstration sites showing various swine farming practices will follow the presentations.

“It is important for individuals to attend, because this is the one time in the year when we open up our facilities for producers and potential producers to learn practical swine production, the latest production techniques, and demonstration skills of swine husbandry,” Dr. Ezekwe said.

Interested persons who are hog producers, extension agents, faculty and research scientists, undergraduate and graduate students, potential hog producers, community leaders, and state representatives are encouraged to attend.

“We are conducting the event to provide outreach services to stakeholders and producers on how to generate income from swine production by adopting low capital inputs,” he said.
For additional information on the workshop and the ASU Swine Development Center, please contact Dr. Ezweke at (601) 877-3949 or [email protected].