Student Leadership Roundtable Discussion’s keynote speaker talks hope, healing, health and happiness

Student Leadership Roundtable Discussion’s keynote speaker talks hope, healing, health and happiness

On October 31, Student Affairs hosted its monthly Student Leadership Roundtable Discussion designed for students to develop leadership skills through dialogue with administrators, faculty, staff, and guest lecturers. During Roundtable, students share classroom successes, co-curricular experiences, and have an opportunity to discuss issues relevant to campus life.

For the October installment, Dr. Norman L. Collins Sr., a motivational speaker/consultant and founder of H4U2 (Hope, Health, Healing, and Happiness for you too), a Motivational Speaking Consultancy of Clarksdale, Mississippi, served as the keynote speaker.
Using his unique style of motivational speaking, Dr. Collins provided spiritual inspiration and joyful motivation that students, faculty and staff can apply to everyday life issues. During his presentation, Dr. Collins shared a powerful message designed to foster hope, healing, health and happiness to the listening audience. As he said, his daily confession is “I am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to live disappointed, knowing the best is yet to come.”
“Dr. Collins message today was that sometimes we depend too much on the love that other people give to us and forget about ourselves,” said Dr. Lashunda Anderson, assistant professor in the Department of Agriculture. “I agree with him when he said that it is important to love yourself first and use it as a pattern to love other people.”

“To me, it was important to hear and realize that the biggest challenge in life is to understand who I am and love it,” shared Tony Guthrie, a sophomore majoring in English. “The key to inner peace is to be honest with everybody about who you are and stop trying to fit in the mold.”

Ella Hudson, judicial affairs officer at Alcorn, said she was happy to see Dr. Collins, her former choir director in the Coahoma Junior College Gospel Choir she attended in the 80s.

For more information on Roundtable, contact Dr. Valerie Thompson, director, Student Engagement, Division of Student Affairs, at [email protected] or call 601.877.6385.

2012 Roundtable October

Dr. Collins delivering his message to the Alcorn family.