Dr. Vaughn serves as keynote speaker at Human Resources Conference

Dr. Edward Vaughn serves as keynote speaker at Human Resources Conference

Alcorn’s Director of the Newtie J. Boyd Academic Support Center Dr. Edward L. Vaughn recently served as the closing keynote speaker at the 2012 Human Resources Conference of the Florida Electric Cooperatives Association (FECA). His presentation “GENERATION Y… Graduates in the Workplace” laid a new framework for employers to work with employees from the “Millennial Generation”.

According to Dr. Vaughn, “the Millennial Generation is markedly different from all the prior generations throughout history. They are looking for both influence and affluence and they expect to find them both quickly. They will radically change the workplace due to their sheer size if for no other reason.”

Dr. Vaughn is widely sought after as a presenter on a wide range of generational issues among students, particularly Millennial or Generation Y students. He shared a number of ideas with the group on how businesses must adapt recruitment, training, evaluation and even compensation practices to accommodate a new generation of workers.

“We found the information presented by Dr. Vaughn to be very enlightening,” said Michelle Hershel, FECA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs.

The Florida Electric Cooperatives Association is a not for profit, statewide trade association of 17 electric distribution of generation and transmission cooperatives, serving over 1 million customers in 57 of 67 Florida counties.