Alcorn’s Health Physics, Advanced Technologies participate in the Mississippi Department of Health population monitoring drill

Alcorn’s Health Physics, Advanced Technologies participate in the Mississippi Department of Health population monitoring drill 13 Adv Tech training 1

Alcorn State, Miss. (February 22, 2013) – Alcorn State University’s Health Physics, Department of Advanced Technologies’ students, faculty and staff recently participated in the population monitoring drill training session conducted by the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) as part of their radiological emergency preparedness program.

The five-hour training session, held in Alcorn’s Systems Research Institute, consisted of oral presentations and practical demonstrations by MSDH personnel. Attendees learned how to help the public and emergency response team in case of a radiological emergency.

Director of Environmental Monitoring and Emergency Response Branch of MSDH Sandra Stringfellow stated, “We are elated to be on Alcorn’s campus as part of the Mississippi State’s Emergency Preparedness Program, and pleased to learn about various advanced research and educational facilities available in the health physics program. Located between two nuclear power plants, it is important that we are prepared to handle any radiological emergency situation.”

Director of Alcorn’s Systems Research Institute and Chairman of the Advanced Technologies Department Dr. Kwabena Agyepong said, “It’s a great opportunity for our students to be trained by MSDH representatives. The Department of Advanced Technologies is always willing to extend its collaborations with private, state and federal entities, and our health physics program is very supportive of MSDH and their activities.”

Coordinator of the health physics program Jermiah Billa indicated, “Alcorn students are well trained and adequately able to assist the public and emergency responders in a radiological emergency situation.”

Dr. Steve Adzanu, senior faculty member, said, “We would like to thank MSDH for the training extended to our students, and thank the students of the Health Physics Society for their commitment and helpfulness in conducting the training session.” He added, “Any additional resources that can be provided by MSDH for continuous in-house activities would benefit our students and surrounding communities.”

The event was coordinated by Allen Terrell, a faculty member in the Department of Advanced Technologies. The MSDH training team consisted of Sandra Stringfellow, Karl Barber, Carolyn Harris and Lakesha Brooks.

Pictured: Karl Barber providing instructions on an area radiation monitor to juniors Harrison Agordzo, Matthew Carradine, sophomore Josep Dimpah, and graduate student Teneka Williams (wearing personal protective equipment).