Alcorn’s Marshall selected Marketing Educator of the Year by the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators

Alcorn’s Marshall selected Marketing Educator of the Year by the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators

Alcorn State, Miss. (May 31, 2013) – Dr. Kimball P. Marshall, professor of Marketing and Management in the School of Business at Alcorn State University, was recently named Marketing Educator of the Year by the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators and it’s umbrella organization, the Federation of Business Disciplines.

The Federation of Business Disciplines (FBD) and the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators are national organizations of college level business school educators that promote excellence in teaching and research. Each year, each academic association affiliated with FBD recognizes one outstanding educator from each association. The award was presented to Dr. Marshall at the 2013 Annual Meeting for the Federation of Business Disciplines.

At Alcorn, professor Marshall teaches various courses in marketing and management that include strategic management, new product development, health care marketing, marketing analytics, and principles of marketing. Dr. Marshall’s current research and writing include the development of experiential learning modules related to marketing metrics, and such innovative areas as fine arts marketing and technology transfer and commercialization. In April 2013, he was recognized by the School of Business and received the Outstanding Educator of the Year award at the School’s Honors Ceremony.

Dr. Marshall has served previously as professor of marketing at Loyola University in New Orleans where his research focused on government policy impacts on technology development and commercialization, and Jackson State University where he published extensively in the area of marketing of public schools.

Dr. Marshall completed his Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Florida, post-doctoral fellowships in statistical modeling at Texas A&M University, and public policy studies at Syracuse University. He earned his MBA from Washington University.

Dr. Marshall’s experience includes directing the Social Science Computer Center and then serving as the director of Business Computing Services for the School of Business at Washington University. His background also includes practical business experiences including corporate positions as product manager, manager of market research, and pricing manager in the computer and telecommunications industries. Dr. Marshall’s consulting experiences have included new product assessments for multi-national corporations, small business start-up support, marketing of public policy programs, and a variety of activities related to social services and educational marketing. Dr. Marshall also served as a NASA ASEE Fellow at NASA Stennis Space Center where he concentrated on reviews of state and federal technology transfer programs.

Professor Marshall has published two textbooks on computer applications in social research and Marketing Information Systems, and has published many refereed articles related to market research, computing in management and marketing, marketing education, international marketing, public policy, not-for-profit marketing, and marketing of public education. His work has been accepted for such professional journals as The International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Care Marketing, The Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, The Journal of Business Ethics, The Journal of Marketing Education, The Journal of Non-profit and Public Sector Marketing, Management Research News, The Journal of Applied Business Research, The Journal of Professional Services Marketing, The Journal of Global Business, The Journal of Education for Business, The Marketing Management Journal, the Journal of the Association of Marketing Educators, and Marketing Education Review, among others.

Dr. Marshall has served on the Board of Directors of the Marketing Management Association, the Atlantic Marketing Association, and the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators. He has also served as program chair and the president of both the Atlantic Marketing Association and the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators.