Alcorn's Advanced Technologies host researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory, JSU and Alabama A&M

Alcorn’s Advanced Technologies host researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory, JSU and Alabama A&M

Research partners from the prestigious Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Jackson State University, and Alabama A&M recently visited Alcorn State University’s Department of Advanced Technologies to explore possible research collaborations, according to Dr. Kwabena Agyepong, Department chair.

The visiting team consisted of LANL scientists Drs. Ches Simpson and Travis Grove, Dr. Fengxiang Han from JSU and Dr. Stephen Babalola from Alabama A&M.

“It was a very productive visit, said Dr. Agyepong. “The Department of Advanced Technologies is always interested in research collaborations.” He added, “We would like to thank faculty member Jermiah Billa for spearheading the collaboration with national laboratories and fellow universities.”

Dr. Steve Adzanu, senior faculty, said, “Our Department always strives to produce quality students, and I am excited that we are able to extend our research collaborations to national laboratories.”

Dr. Simpson shared information on several research opportunities for students, faculty, and research scientists that are available at LANL. “We are impressed with the various research capacities available to Health and Physics (HP) students at Alcorn,” stated Dr. Simpson. “In the coming years, we would like to see more Alcorn students interning at the LANL.”

The visit was organized by Jermiah Billa, instructor and coordinator of HP Program. He said,
“Research collaborations are very important as they give our students opportunities to branch out and get valuable experience. Our graduate student George Osei is interning at LANL, and senior Innocent Tsorxe is at Fisk University.” Billa added, “I would like to thank my colleagues Shimi Didla and Michael Atkins, and work-study student Joseph Dimpah, a sophomore in HP, for their invaluable help in organizing this event.”

For more information on the HP Program, contact Billa at [email protected] , 601.877.6484 or visit the Department of Advanced Technologies, room 114.

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Pictured: HP staff and students (in lab coats) demonstrate to visiting scientists the radioactivity studies performed on tomato samples.