Health Physicist from the University of Utah visits Alcorn Health Physics Program

Health Physicist from the University of Utah visits Alcorn Health Physics Program

The Alcorn State University Health Physics (HP) Program in the Department of Advanced Technologies hosted Dr. Masoud Beitollahi, a health physicist in the Department of Radiological Health at the University of Utah, March 24-26. He was welcomed by Department Chairperson, Dr. Kwabena Agyepong and senior faculty, Dr. Steve Adzanu. The Director of Health Physics program Jermiah Billa, gave Dr. Beitollahi a tour of various laboratories operated in the Department.

The primary goal of this visit was for Beitollahi to meet students in the program with a focus on those enrolled in environmental radioactivity course during the spring semester. The esteemed health physicist spent time sharing methodologies in environmental sampling, sample preparations and measurement of the environmental samples. He also presented classical standard methods for radon and thoron measurements (active and passive procedures in air, water and soil). As part of their practical training, the group used a specific instrument, “Alpha-Guard”, provided by SAPHYMO-Germany for the measurement of radon and thoron. In addition, Beitollahi trained students to conduct measurement of tritium in water samples including direct and enhancement methods using liquid scintillation counter. 

Beitollahi also served as the guest speaker for the student branch of Health Physics Society (HPS) during their meeting. He shared valuable information on educational and career opportunities in the field of health physics and medical physics. Beitollahi provided extensive hands-on training to students in performing measurements of radon/thoron in environmental samples.

The training session ended on the last day of the visit with special remarks from Adzanu who thanked Beitollahi for providing extensive training to Alcorn students.

Billa commended the guest specialist for volunteering his services, “We are especially thankful for the opportunity for our students to learn specific topics in radiation regulations and environmental radioactivity. The primary responsibilities of health physicists are to protect people and environment from the harmful effects of radiation. The experiences gained through this training will help us to focus on two important projects that can benefit the society: measurement of radon/thoron in drinking water on the Lorman campus and in homes located in Claiborne and Jefferson counties. We would also like to express our gratitude to SAPHYMO-Germany for providing instruments for student training.”

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Pictured: Dr. Beitollahi (center) with the HP Program students and faculty.