Alcorn student Pavel Sarygin returns from studying abroad in Shanghai

Opportunities for students to better themselves are endless at Alcorn State University. Sometimes, students who are brave enough to take advantage of those opportunities step outside of their comfort zone and explore various portions of the world. Alcorn State junior Pavel Sarygin is one of those students.

Sarygin, an accounting major who’s a native of Vorenezh, Russia, spent last semester studying abroad in Shanghai, China at Shanghai Finance University (SFU). While attending SFU, Sarygin was enrolled in accounting and finance courses.

Shanghai Finance University, once called Shanghai Finance College, is a full time academic institution aiming at cultivating practical economic and financial talents. SFU has committed to providing a large number of economic and financial talents for the all of China.

The experience was both educational and exciting for Sarygin.

“I enjoyed the experience a lot,” said Sarygin. “I like living in a fast paced environment such as Shanghai. Living in one of the largest financial centers in the world is challenging, but fun and enlightening.”

Being around a diverse group of citizens and networking were some of the highlights of Sarygin’s time in Shanghai.

“I really liked how international and diverse Shanghai was. People from all over the globe reside and work in the city. I had plenty of opportunities to explore the Chinese cultures and speak to and establish valuable connections with foreign students from different parts of the world.”

Sarygin has faith that his experience will place him at the top of employer’s list of job candidates once he applies for jobs in the future.

“The knowledge I gained will help me stand out from the pool of candidates for global companies. Being proficient in more than one language is always beneficial in the modern globalized corporate world. On top of that, learning about finance in China will be helpful if I decide to be involved with Chinese financial markets.”

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