Xhevrije West thrives as online news editor and writer for The MReport magazine

As a child, Fairfield, Texas native Xhevrije West developed a fondness for literature. After reading a number of books, she began creating her own stories that spawned her new love of writing. Because of her mother’s encouragement and a growing obsession with her craft, she knew that she was destined to be a writer.

“I would read books over and over, memorize the story lines and imagine that I was a character in the books,” said West. “I began to write my own stories and present them to my mother. She was amazed and always told me I had a gift. This obsession with literature only grew as I got older. Writing became my strength in school and I just ran with it. I knew this was what I wanted to do.”

After earning a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Alcorn State University in 2013 and a master’s degree in magazine, newspaper and online journalism from Syracuse University in 2014, West turned her passion into a career. She is the online news editor of TheMReport.com in Dallas, Texas. She also contributes to The MReport magazine every month. The MReport is a mortgage banking publication that covers all aspects of the mortgage industry.

Working for The MReport has been an amazing experience for West. During her time there, she has discovered her ability to write about any topic that is thrown at her. Every day, the thrilling atmosphere blows her away at her job.

“I absolutely love working here! The shocking part about it is, I never saw the excitement coming. I feel like I am still in the discovery process of my life and working here really proved to me that I can write about literally anything. Even though the job includes hard work, countless hours of my time, and a ton of stress, we have lots of fun here. The job is not hectic all the time. I have the best team of professionals around me and I could not have asked for a better start to my career.”

West shows pride in the schools where she received her education, but for her, no school can compare to Alcorn. The time she spent on Alcorn’s campus helped prepare her for the path that she currently follows. She’s grateful for the opportunities she was given at the university.

“I always speak so highly of Alcorn when people ask about my educational background. People sometimes don’t understand it because they expect me to be boastful of my time at Syracuse. While I am proud of where I got my graduate degree, Alcorn is just a place that sticks with you. The time I spent there is invaluable to me. It's where my life began, where I met my best friends, and where I learned how to be everything I am today.”

West also acknowledged the backbone of her support system while attending Alcorn. She expressed how one professor in the Department of Mass Communications helped guide her through her college journey.

“I also had an incredible professor that was my guiding light throughout college. Mr. Larry Sanders stuck by me like I was his own. He was there through all of my stumbles and successes. He was a support system like no other. He will forever be a part of my credit list if people ask how I got to where I am now.”

West gives impeccable advice to those who aspire to break into a professional career in journalism.

“Take every opportunity you can. Aside from His grace, I think this is what has elevated me in my writing career. Be flexible, open and available. There is no such thing as too much experience. Your versatility is your best attribute when pursuing these types of jobs. We all fail sometimes, but remember to stay motivated. Know your craft, be confident and don’t let anyone discourage you because there is no greater feeling than being able to do what you love.”

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