Tyson Foods Corporation Executive Offers Advice to School of AREAS Students

Tyson Foods Conversation ed.jpg

School of Agriculture, Research, Extension and Applied Sciences students listen to Rashad Delph,
director of Talent Acquisition at Tyson Foods, during his recent visit to Alcorn.



On Thursday, February 11, 2016, the Alcorn State University School of Agriculture, Research, Extension, and Applied Sciences hosted “A Conversation with Tyson’s Rashad Delph on Entrepreneurship and Career Opportunities.”

The event, held in the Jesse A. Morris, Sr./W.C. Boykin Agricultural Science Building, featured Tyson Foods Corporation representative Rashad Delph, director of Talent Acquisition. His lecture elaborated on the various opportunities Tyson Foods offers to university students.

The introduction of Delph was given by Dr. Kenneth Stallings, professor in the Department of Agriculture, School of AREAS.

“Mr. Delph is here representing the Tyson Foods Corporation because the company believes that students here are being well-prepared and will stay the course,” said Stallings.

Following the welcome and introduction, attendees were given information on the company. Students learned that Tyson Foods is “more than a chicken company.” Based in Springdale, Arkansas, the $40 billion company employs 115,000 workers worldwide and operates in 29 states and 29 countries. In addition to producing protein products worldwide, Tyson Foods Corporation produces tortillas and provides the animals for many leather products.

“It is important for companies like Tyson Foods to continue reaching out to HBCU schools making a difference in student’s lives,” Delph expressed. “Coming to Alcorn State gives Tyson the opportunity to give back to a community in which we serve, as we have multiple locations in Mississippi.”

Michael Coleman, junior animal science major, stated, “Mr. Delph was very helpful in providing information about employment opportunities with the company. He also shared tips with us on how to build a promising career with Tyson. I am excited to start applying for positions.”

For more information on this event and future career opportunity lectures, please contact Dr. Kenneth Stallings at [email protected] or 601-877-6821.