Freshmen start their college journeys at Alcorn

Memphis, Tennessee native Kourtney Thomas made a checklist of all the things he wanted to experience in college. While exploring his options, he realized that Alcorn State University met all of his requirements for the perfect school to earn his nursing degree.

“I chose to attend Alcorn because this is where I want to get the HBCU experience,” said Kourtney. “It’s an esteemed college that offers all of the classes that I’ve been looking forward to taking. This is a great environment.”

His grandmother, Dianne Johnson, is also impressed with the University and what it has to offer her grandson. She said that accompanying him on freshman move in day is a prayer answered.

“I’m really excited for him,” said Johnson. “I’ve always prayed for the chance to take him to college. I have four grandchildren, and he’s the second one to start college. I’m thankful to have my prayer answered and I’m happy he chose Alcorn. I’m very pleased with this university.”

Kourtney was among a number of freshmen that made their way to Alcorn to begin their lives as college students Thursday, Aug. 18.

Adriunna Lockhart, a Hattiesburg, Mississippi native who plans to major in biology/pre-medicine, is eager to start her path at Alcorn. She looks forward to being an excellent student while forming bonds with her fellow Alcornites.

“I’m looking forward to a new atmosphere,” said Adriunna. “I can’t wait to make life long friendships while focusing on earning my degree and excelling in life.”

Juanda Croson, Adriunna’s mother, looks forward to her daughter starting a new phase in her life. Even though she’s thrilled about Adriunna’s path, she expressed some nervousness about her leaving the nest.

“Although I’m really excited for her, I’m also a bit scared because this is her first time being away from home,” said Croson. “I trust her. She’s very independent and responsible, so I know that she’ll make the right decisions.”

Danielle Beckworth, a Port Gibson, Mississippi native who will in major mass communications, is serious about her education. She said that she will be mindful to make her studies her first priority.

“This is a learning experience that will prepare me for my future,” said Danielle. “I’m looking forward to having fun, but not too much fun because earning my degree is very important.”

Danielle’s mother, Sharron, is happy to see her daughter grow into a mature young lady.

“I’m very excited for her to start her journey,” said Beckworth. “I can’t wait to see her flourish in college and move on to an exciting career.”

After the students settled into their dorms, they headed to the James L. Bolden Campus Union Ballroom for the Alcorn Welcome Program. The students gained advice from some of the University’s faculty, staff and Student Government Association (SGA) about starting college. Vice President of Student Affairs, Emanuel Barns Sr. applauded the class of 2020 for being a part of Alcorn’s progress. He also stressed the importance of being responsible.

“We are excited to have you all as a part of the University’s growth process,” said Barnes. “Take care of your business and be responsible students.”

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Donzel Lee encouraged the students to be ambitious.

“We hope that you have set goals for yourselves,” said Lee. “If you aim at nothing, you will surely hit your target. So be sure to set your sights on goals that would take you to the top.”

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