Alumna Tatiana Rudd begins career as a clinical supervisor in Boston

Alcorn State University alumna and Tunica, Mississippi native Tatiana Rudd has always had a passion for uplifting others and being the light that brightens their day. Her compassion has led her to a successful career as a psychologist.

“I have always had a passion for helping people,” said Rudd. “I would see people hurt or sad and always thought I could make them feel better. My desire is to help people work through life’s challenges in hopes of them becoming productive members of society. I’ve been told that I’m a good listener and people feel comfortable talking to me. I find it rewarding to help others discover solutions to their problems. While I won’t have a solution to every problem, my support and involvement will still make a difference in the lives of clients.”

Rudd is the new clinical supervisor in the Inpatient Unit at Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts. Her duties include conducting weekly case conferences with clinical staff, reviewing and signing all clinical records required by the Department of Public Health and providing clinical supervision to case managers, counselors and interns in individual and group settings.

For Rudd, joining Spectrum’s team is a significant career move. She said that it is pleasing to work for such a highly regarded company.

“I love working for Spectrum and what they stand for as a company. Spectrum is very respected in the state of Massachusetts for what they have done for many clients struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. I think it’s amazing how they value every client. I can’t stress enough how blessed I am that they chose me to be a part of their team.”

Rudd has had a fantastic start to her career. Prior to her newest role and shortly after earning a master’s degree in school counseling from Alcorn, she was hired as the youngest school counselor in the Tunica County School District in 2013. Three years later, she is the youngest clinical supervisor at Spectrum. With so much early success, Rudd is eager to see what lies ahead for her.

“I have been extremely blessed to be granted so many great opportunities in my twenties. I look forward to seeing how many barriers I can break in my thirties.”

With her new position, Rudd is fulfilling her purpose of servicing others. Part of her job is ensuring that her patients are well taken care of and provided the correct medication. Rudd is adamant about paying close attention to her patients and their needs to avoid costly mistakes.

“I take my job very seriously because I never want to misinform patients on the type of treatment they need or give them the wrong diagnosis. I’m extremely dedicated to the patients’ safety by following the protocols provided by the Department of Health. My job is one of great importance, and I find it to be very challenging and exciting.”

Rudd patterns her path after her former high school counselor, Mrs. Rochelle Siggers. Rudd said that Siggers’ impact in the lives of others inspired her to lend the same services to people in need.

“She was more than just a school counselor. Everyone in my community looked to her for advice and she never turned anyone away. I admired her so much for that. I would look at her with a sparkle in my eyes and only hope to be half the woman she is.”

In the future, Rudd said that she plans to obtain certification as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts so that she can pursue a career as a clinical director. She also plans to earn a doctorate degree in clinical and industrial psychology so that she can open a private practice.

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