Psychology Society celebrates National Heart Month with charity event

Alcorn State University’s Psychology Society took up donations in honor of those who suffer from heart disease.

The organization hosted the Heart Warriors event in the Dr. Clinton Bristow Jr. Dining Facility lobby Monday, Feb. 13 to collect donations for heart disease patients in honor of February being National Heart Month. The donations will be delivered to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi.

Rayford Mullins, a founding member of the organization, felt obligated to participate in the community service project because for him, heart disease hits close to home.

“This event was very touching for me because my great grandmother lost her life to heart disease, and I knew that I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to deal with what she went through,” said Rayford.

Senior and Psychology Society President Raven King was happy to show a kind gesture to those who live with the disease.

“This event was much needed,” said Raven. “I believe that it is important to show those who live with heart disease that we care about them. Showing them that we care is a big part of our organization’s mission.”

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