Majesty Ferguson introduces new fitness page on social media to inspire others while social distancing

With her new social media fitness page, an Alcorn State University student is motivating others to be more physically active while social distancing.

Majesty Ferguson, a junior mass communication major from Atlanta, is staying busy by filming her daily exercise routines and giving dieting tips on her Instagram page, thickisfit_. Her goal is to not only to get people up and to move but also to help them cope with being isolated at home due to sheltering-in-place restrictions.

“Fitness can help people focus on something positive while giving them a goal to work toward to each day,” said Ferguson. “Working out will keep you active and occupied, and if you’re like me, it will control your urge to go places outside of your home.”

The journey to better health started for Ferguson during her teenage years.

“Growing up, I was involved in sports, which is where my knowledge of fitness came. I’ve always been inspired by fitness because I want to be healthy. I was obese when I was younger and was on the verge of becoming a diabetic because of my weight and poor eating habits. I want to live a long, healthy life, and I know that being healthy starts with good nutrition and exercising.”

Ferguson believes that investing in healthy practices is important during this critical time in society.

“Our health is the only thing we have full control over at the moment, so it is important to work toward setting fitness goals and getting into good physical shape.”

Exercising has provided joy for Ferguson during these unprecedented times. She encourages others to find an activity to keep them upbeat and sharp while social distancing.

“Find something that brings you joy; for me, it’s fitness. This social distancing is not going to last forever, so gaining something positive from this situation should be your focus. This could be anything from gaining a piece of mind to planning to become an entrepreneur.”

Visit to check out Ferguson’s page.