Student Oluwatosin Dahunsi awarded the Mississippi Automotive Manufacturers Association scholarship

An aspiring automotive engineer at Alcorn State University is taking significant strides toward his goal by earning a scholarship from a top automotive organization.

Oluwatosin Dahunsi, a senior electromechanical engineering technology major from Ondo State, Nigeria, is one of 15 college students awarded the Mississippi Automotive Manufacturers Association (MAMA) scholarship. The scholarships are awarded to students who are interested in pursuing careers in the automotive manufacturing industry. The students will also receive mentoring from MAMA members and will have opportunities to participate in job skills workshops.

The Mississippi Automotive Manufacturers Association was formed to provide a forum for interaction among automotive manufacturing companies in Mississippi. The organization serves its members by promoting the growth, development, and improvement of the automotive industry.

Receiving the scholarship is an honor for Dahunsi. He’s thankful for being recognized and awarded for his love for all things related to the automotive industry.

“It feels amazing, and I’m more than grateful for the recognition,” said Dahunsi.

Interest in an automotive engineering career sparked Dahunsi’s intrigue in the field at a young age. Since his interest was piqued, he’s been on a mission to learn more about the area while finding the best fit for him.

“My interest started from wanting to know how certain automotive parts worked. My curiosity developed into gaining knowledge and experiences that I needed to make an impact in the industry. So, before college, I started looking into different areas of the automotive industry to see which area best suits my interests.”

Dahunsi’s path of discovery has been successful, as he now understands which career path to take after graduating from Alcorn.

“Through hours of research, I’ve decided to pursue a career in the production area of automotive manufacturing. It’s a broad area, but that won’t be a problem for me because I’m interested in making ideas come alive, which gives me fulfillment.”

A conference during the summer after Dahunsi’s freshman year swayed him in the direction of automotive production.

“A major reason for my decision was because of an enlightening experience I had when attending a General Motors conference. During the conference, I had the opportunity to explore the production process of most car parts and how the assembly lines at the production plant work. I was drawn to the idea of being put in a position to produce certain car parts and bring design suggestions to life.”

As Dahunsi reflects on his success, he said that “Deciding to study mechanical engineering at Alcorn State University was easy.”