The Small Family Farm Enterprise Financial Analysis, Management, and Marketing program implemented various educational programs in counties to address Global Food Security and Hunger by staring within the state of Mississippi that can be used globally.

This program has been focused on the adoption of new techniques/methods for rapid agricultural development in order to increase agricultural production and eventually to minimize the high level of risk experienced by small and limited-resource family farmers. Efforts are mode to continue to deliver effective methods fostered in encompassed workshops, traditional and nontraditional educational classes, group meetings, one-on-one technical assistance, field days, tours, small farmer conferences, exhibit, displays, and farm visits.

Traditional methods of indirect contact of delivery will continue utilizing the dissemination via public media outlets through public service announcements, news bulletins, media, programs and web sites. These methods will also be used in implementation the marketing and distribution practices.

The ultimate goal is to enhance the economic viability of small and limited resource farm families by strengthening their technical knowledge, skills and economic decision making so that they can contribute fully to the agricultural economy; better their own lives and the lives of their children or other dependents, ultimately benefiting the society as a whole in rural Mississippi.

Knowledge Areas

  • Economics of Agricultural Production and Farm Management
  • Business Management, Finance, and Taxation
  • Marketing and Distribution Practices