Frequently Asked Questions

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is offered as a part of your total financial aid package to assist you in financing your education at Alcorn State University. This is money that does not have to be repaid. Federal Work-Study is a real job. The term “Work-Study” does not mean that you can study on the job. It means that you work to obtain the funds to be able to study at Alcorn.
One advantage is being able to arrange your work schedule around your classes. We do ask that your work schedule be in blocks of time. If you can schedule entire mornings or afternoons, it would be better for you and your employer. Other advantages include a monthly pay check, gaining valuable work experiences that will look good on a resume, and keeping student debt to a minimum.
Your award offer will indicate the dollar amount of your FWS award for the year. Although your pay will always be based upon actual hours worked, this award indicates the maximum amount you will be allowed to earn. During placement at the beginning of each term, you will be given an official job assignment sheet, which will indicate the maximum earnings and suggested number of hours per month. You and your supervisor will determine your work schedule depending on your supervisor’s needs and your class schedule. You are authorized to work a maximum of 20 hours per week.
For priority consideration, students should report to the James L. Bolden Campus Union Ballroom for fee payment during registration. At that time, you will be referred to a department. For placement after registration has closed, you will need to go to the Financial Aid Office. If you are a continuing student who has been requested by the department you worked in the previous term, we will reassign you to that area if you qualify for the FWS program again.
Pay rates for FWS jobs will be the current federal minimum wage. Your department will complete a monthly TIME SHEET, available from the Financial Aid Office, and have it submitted to the Employment Counselor by the time specified. Your Time Sheet must be completed properly and must include your signature and the Department Head’s signature. Your paycheck will be available for pick-up at the cashier’s window unless you elected the direct deposit option. You will receive your check on the 10th of each month following the end of each pay period.
  • Take your job seriously. This is a real job and an important one. You are now a part of the department or area where you are working.
  • Coordinate your work hours with your supervisor, remembering both the needs of the department and your own class schedule.
  • Be dependable. You must report to work on time and always CALL if it is necessary for you to be late or absent.
  • Dress appropriately for your work location. Check with your supervisor on appropriate dress if you are not sure.
  • If a problem develops on the job, discuss it with your supervisor. Quitting a Work-Study job should be a last resort and should be made only after consultation with your supervisor and the FWS Employment Counselor. We cannot guarantee replacement of your Work-Study award with other funds.
YES. Your employer can terminate you for unsatisfactory performance of assigned tasks, tardiness, or failure to report to work or follow rules stated to you by the department where you are working. If terminated, reassignment is NOT guaranteed.
For information about your Federal Work-Study award or placement, contact the Financial Aid Office at (601) 877-6691.

Federal Work Study