Alcorn enters into lollipop partnership, helps decorate Natchez for the holidays

Alcorn enters into “lollipop partnership”, helps decorate Natchez for the holidays

Alcorn’s Office of External Relations recently teamed up with the Natchez Senior Citizen Center, Natchez Lights Committee, and Home Hardware in a “sweet” partnership to contribute to the holiday decoration of Natchez communities, and to support efforts promoting tourism in the area.

The staff and residents at the Senior Citizen Center embraced the project with enthusiasm. Sabrena Bartley, executive director of the Center, was the first to say “let’s do it”. Seniors put their special skills and abilities to work painting red and white wooden lollipops for decoration. One senior commented, “If we all do a little to help, children of all ages can enjoy our town”.

This year, their efforts produced 50 lollipops that were seen in several areas around Natchez: by the Gazebo on the bluff, around City Hall, outside the Courthouse and in Memorial Park. They were even placed in the yards that received the “North Pole Award” for exceptional home decorations.

MaDora Wallace, adult daycare supervisor, added, “Doing this really helped get our holiday spirit going. The seniors enjoyed the finishing touches like wrapping and putting on bows. They worked well in teams and are excited about seeing their work around town.”

Dr. Ruth Nichols, director of Alcorn’s External Relations, commented about the project. “All we had to do was round up the proper materials and the seniors did the rest! Home Hardware donated the plywood, a volunteer cut out the circles, and the seniors turned them into holiday lollipops. They worked in teams: one group painted white, one group painted red, one group tied cellophane, and one group attached the red bows. It was wonderful to watch them laugh, talk, paint, give orders, take orders and just have a great time!”

Carla Monroe, program coordinator at the Center, commented, “The seniors really enjoyed participating in the project! And they say they’ll get started even earlier next year.”

Dr. Nichols at Senior Citizen

Dr. Nichols (second from left) at the Senior Citizen Center in Natchez.

Senior with lollipop

Senior Citizen Center resident.