ABEC volunteer at Stewpot

Agriculture Business and Economics Club volunteer at Stewpot Community Service Organization  

Recently, the Agribusiness and Economics Club (ABEC) at Alcorn State University volunteered at the Stewpot Community Service Organization in Natchez, Mississippi.

ABEC became aware of the challenges Stewpot was facing from an article published in the Natchez Democrat which said that the organization was experiencing a major food shortage and was in desperate need of volunteer help. After discussing their plight with club advisors and members, ABEC felt obligated to help in any way possible.

The organization conducted a fundraiser to collect canned goods and monetary donations to purchase food items. Members then visited the Stewpot with great enthusiasm to deliver the supplies and lend a helping hand.  While there, ABEC members spent time removing clutter and organizing the available items by type and age in the pantries to help improve inventory control, decrease waste and enable the organization to make more precise orders and operate more efficiently.       

“ABEC did a wonderful job of volunteering their service,” expressed Johnnie Davis, director of Stewpot Community Service. “They were passionate about their task and were one of the best groups that have ever volunteered with Stewpot. The members followed all of the rules and demonstrated a sincere interest and energy for community service.”

 “This is simply another effort by the Department of Agriculture to actively engage our students in community activities geared toward promoting the economic well-being of people while giving students real life experience of interfacing directly with the community,” said Dr. Whittaker, program leader, Agricultural Economics and International . “We would like to thank everyone who made contributions to make this and other volunteer endeavors successful.”

Stewpot is a community service organization that feeds disadvantaged, needy and elderly individuals in the Natchez area of Adams County, Mississippi, and has been in operation for 16 years. Their motto is “We do not turn anyone down.”  The organization continues to be a vital asset to the community and has done everything within its power to support those who are less fortunate.  During the recent economic downturn, Stewpot services have been sought by numerous individuals, but have also come under great strain because of the rapid increase in the number of people it serves.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to the Stewpot, contact Johnnie Davis at 601.442.9413. If you are interested in joining the Agribusiness and Economics Club (ABEC), please contact Dr. Whittaker or Teddrick Hargrave at 601.877.2338. ABEC is an arm of the agricultural economics and agribusiness programs at Alcorn State University.