Computer science majors present at sciences conference

Computer science majors present at sciences conference 

On February 23 and 24, three graduate level computer science majors presented at the Mississippi Academy of Sciences 2012 Conference held in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Memphis native LaTrese Davis and Candice Rankin of Lorman presented research on the “Comparative Study of Direct and Iterative Methods of Solving Linear Systems” while Madhu Aditya presented on “Numerical Experiments with Few Univariate Polynomial Root Finding Algorithms”.

“Our research actually began as an assignment in our scientific computation class,” explained Davis. “In this course we learned methods for solving roots of polynomials. Our research examined how direct methods and iterative algorithms solve linear systems.”

“I learned different methods for solving linear systems and was able to determine which methods were faster and better for solving certain systems,” added Rankin.

Aditya worked on his topic as part of his graduate thesis. “I learned a tremendous amount performing my research,” said Aditya. “It was interesting to conduct and understand numerical experiments in depth and the knowledge that I gained will help me in future research projects.”

The students worked under the supervision of Dr. Krishna Aditya, professor in the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences at Alcorn. “Each student showed a lot of initiative,” Aditya shared. “They have tremendous potential and I hope all of them will continue their education to the doctoral level.”