Fulbright language teaching assistants from China and Oman offer free Chinese and Arabic language classes to Alcorn students

Fulbright language teaching assistants from China and Oman offer free Chinese and Arabic language classes to Alcorn students

“Alcorn State University students have a unique opportunity to study languages that are not a part of the regular University program,” stated Dr. Dovi Alipoe, director of Global Programs at Alcorn. “We continue the tradition that began in 2011, hosting two Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants, Hongli Wen from China and Hanaa Al Sawafi from Oman, who are offering free Chinese and Arabic classes to our students. Even though, the classes began in September, we are still accepting applications and encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity.”

To introduce themselves to the Alcorn family, they have each written a short essay that reflects their experiences. Please join us in giving Hongli and Hanaa a very warm Alcorn welcome!

For more information or to register, please call the Office of Global Programs at 601.877.6533.

Hanaa Al Sawafi  

2012 FLTA 1
Hello! I am Hanaa Al Sawafi from Oman. I have graduated from the Ibri College of Applied Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature specialization. I worked as an English teacher for the Ministry of Education. I am here now as a grantee of Fulbright Scholarship in the FLTA program to teach Arabic and share about the Omani culture with Alcorn students.

I am a person who likes to be updated continuously and always look for improving and enriching my thinking. I took different courses in various fields like information technology, teaching English, research proficiency and other courses of art. I organized and participated in different conferences and forums. I conducted workshops and participated in competitions of conducting researches and designing electronic programs. I am the leader of the English group in my institute of teaching.

As a teacher of the Arabic language, I am hoping to serve as a cultural ambassador for my country and would like to invite Alcorn students to join my class. Arabic language is a precious thing that will enable you to be in the Middle East as a student, visitor or a worker who will gain valuable experiences and learn about the people and the culture.

Just be there, join the Arabic course. You will find what you need for enriching your knowledge and expanding your thinking.

Hongli Wen

2012 FLTA 2

Hi, guys! Are you fascinated by Chinese food, tea, art and scenery? Want to study abroad and travel to China? Want to make an excellent salary working in the increasingly rich country? For that, you will need to be fluent in Chinese language, and you have just a chance to learn it with me right here at Alcorn Office of Global Programs!

My name is Hongli Wen (Zoe). I am a Fulbright FLTA from Urumqi, China.
Just as my family name WEN (Chinese meaning is CULTURE) shows, I will do my utmost to be a cultural ambassador for my country and a name card of modern China. More importantly, another main reason for coming here is to enrich my knowledge and internationalize my horizon. As a Fulbright scholar, I have my own understanding of Fulbright Program: join this program, your life and future will become FULL and BRIGHT!

Now, I would like to share my teaching and learning experience with you: earning my BA of English education in 2003 and began teaching English in a college located in a city far away from Beijing. I love teaching! I spent five years teaching and gaining experience with patience, passion and affection that have enriched my life.

Pursuing my MA from 2008 to 2011 in China University of Petroleum has opened another window while I was in my late twenties, enabling me to embrace a challenging but rewarding life. I found out about the Fulbright Program established by the U.S. government in 1946 with the purpose of promoting mutual understanding among the people of the U.S. and the rest of the world.
I applied. I challenged. I seized.

I seized the opportunity to become one of the 40 Fulbright FLTAs in China who will teach and learn in U.S. for one year to promote mutual understanding between our two countries. I am happy and proud to teach MY mother tongue and learn YOUR native culture.

As the largest population of any country in the world, China has witnessed its rapid growth in many aspects during the past decades of years. Lao-Tsu, Confucius, Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, the ancient and modern Chinese elites have been abroad and won increasing popularity.

Don’t you think now it is a good chance to know something about China and the Chinese?
I am waiting for you right here and right now!
Touch a Chinese character!
Make a big difference!
Be a Chinese learner!
Just join us!