Diversity Champions spearhead “No Means Know” Campaign

Diversity Champions spearhead “No Means Know” Campaign

As a new initiative sponsored by the Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion, the Diversity Champions group is dedicated to promoting issues of diversity and inclusion on campus and in the local community.

For the first program, the Diversity Champions organized and implemented the “No Means Know” campaign in collaboration with Student Affairs and Residence Life. This program represented a positive social norming campaign designed to promote safety and inclusion at Alcorn and to raise awareness about sexual harassment and sexual assault.

During lunch on Wednesday, October 10, members of the group handed out colorful buttons, recruited over 500 students to sign a pledge to keep Alcorn safe, and engaged students in conversations around healthy decision making. That night, the students visited every residence hall to deliver dynamic and meaningful presentations about sexual violence and to help students empower themselves with the attitudes and behaviors to ensure a safe campus.

“The Diversity Champions are poised to help transform Alcorn and our local communities to become truly inclusive and culturally affirming spaces,” said Dr. Greenfield.

“When I heard about this movement, I decided to join and involve other students in this positive and important initiative,” said Bhavtanan Preet Singh, a freshman majoring in business administration.

“The Diversity Champions have been meeting every Sunday to discuss ways to keep Alcorn safe,” shared R. J. Aglugub, a sophomore majoring in psychology. “Our next step will be to do an outreach to the surrounding community.”

2012 No means know 1 

Diversity Champions talking to students.

2012 No means know 2

Students proudly displaying campaign’s logo “No Means Know”.