2013 ASU National Alumni Mid-Winter Conference

2013 National Alumni Mid-Winter Conference Marriott Marquis Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia 2013-02-21 2013-01-24

All ASU alumni, students, faculty members and supporters are cordially invited to attend the 36th Annual Mid-Winter Alumni Conference February 21-24, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia!

The conference will be hosted at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in downtown Atlanta and the keynote speaker will be Mrs. Myrlie Evers-Williams.

The conference will also host the 1st Annual Marino Casem Golf Tournament Friday, February 22, at 10am EST.

Come and enjoy educational workshops, featured speakers and plenty of entertainment! Make plans to be in Atlanta and party with a purpose!

For more information, check out www.alcornatlantaalumni.org . For the latest information, please follow us on Twitter: @AlcornATLAlumni or contact us via FaceBook: AlcornAtlantaAlumni.org