Diversity Champions launch community engagement agenda

Diversity Champions launch community engagement agenda??

As part of their mission to bring the message of diversity and inclusion to the local community, the Diversity Champions have been actively involved in speaking to a wide variety of audiences. On January 30, members of this student-run group sponsored by the Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion delivered a dynamic presentation to students in the Adolescent Opportunity Program (AOP) in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

AOP serves court-ordered youth who participate in the program as a way of diverting from further involvement in the juvenile justice system. The young people appreciated the chance to hear powerful and inspiring messages from the Alcorn students, freely sharing their own stories and connecting the session’s interactive activities to lessons for their lives.

“To know that I had a direct impact on a young person’s life was one of my greatest moments and accomplishments. I pledge to spread my knowledge in the community even more,” said TJ Mayfield, a sophomore history major from Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Adrianne Arnold, program director for AOP, stated, “The presentation was great, and we look forward to having the Alcorn students back soon to continue mentoring our youth.”

On February 8, Diversity Champions furthered their exciting work by delivering dynamic workshops on self-respect and cultural understanding to all 5th grade classes at A.W. Watson Elementary School in Port Gibson.

In the upcoming weeks, the group will speak to students in the other grades and at schools in Fayette.

“I am so proud of our Diversity Champions, as they make a positive difference in the local community and establish Alcorn as a true leader in the area of diversity education,” said Dr. Derek Greenfield, director of Educational Equity and Inclusion.

Diversity Chamipons at A.W. Watson Elementary 

Diversity Champions lead 5th grade students in an exercise about inclusion.