Alcorn chapter of ENACTUS/SIFE to hold town hall meeting addressing obesity

Alcorn chapter of ENACTUS/SIFE to hold town hall meeting addressing obesity

Alcorn State University’s chapter of ENACTUS/SIFE, an international community of student, academic and business leaders, invites the Alcorn family and community members to join their town hall meeting on Sunday, March 17, at 1 p.m., at Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church, located at Gravel Hill Road, Fayette, Mississippi.

At the meeting aimed at raising awareness on one of Mississippi’s most pressing problems – obesity – ENACUS/SIFE members will educate the participants about different types of metabolism, and how to eat right for your metabolic type to prevent or fight obesity.

“Our obesity awareness program is focused on Jefferson and Claiborne counties that have the highest obesity rate among children and adults in the state of Mississippi, the fattest state in the nation,” explained ENACTUS/SIFE Vice President DaJauna Butler, a senior majoring in business administration/accounting at Alcorn.

William Guster, a senior, social science major and ENACTUS/SIFE member, shared, “Our chapter is continuing to help raise awareness on obesity and educate the public on consequences of being obese, like premature death, type II diabetes, heart diseases and more.”

ENACTUS/SIFE member Deontavis McNair, a junior majoring in psychology, added, “The organization’s goals are to empower people in our state through education. We review studies on obesity, go door to door in Port Gibson and Fayette talking to people and passing out literature, collaborate with local churches and organizations to help our community members make changes in their lifestyle to live healthier and more productive lives.”

“The Phases of Obesity is the topic of the project that our students will present at the annual ENACUS/SIFE regional competition that will be held April 2, in Atlanta, Georgia,” said the organization’s faculty fellow, Dr. Ella M. Anderson, professor in the School of Business. “Alcorn has a long and bright history with ENACTUS/SIFE being a member since 1987, conducting successful projects and presenting them at regional and national competitions.”

For more information or to become a member in fall 2013, contact Dr. Anderson at [email protected] or 601.877.6452, or call School of Business at 601.877.6450.

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