Alcorn’s Child Development Laboratory Center celebrates four graduates

Alcorn’s Child Development Laboratory Center celebrates four graduates

Alcorn State University’s Department of Human Sciences Child Development Laboratory Center celebrated its four graduates on July 31, 2013, at the Ray Johnson Assembly Center, Ag Extension Complex. Their parents, grandparents, teachers, fellow preschoolers, and Alcorn faculty and staff gathered to celebrate Casey Cook’s, Akierrehs Grandberry’s, Ca’Mya Webster’s and Samuel Winchester Jr.’s first major accomplishment, a transition from preschool to kindergarten.

The graduation program included a pledge, “Good Morning Song”, nursery rhymes and “So Long Farewell” song by preschool class, geography, United States history and Black history presentations by the graduates, and remarks by Dr. Carrie Ford, interim chair, Department of Human Sciences. LaTasha L. Brown, Child Development Laboratory Center director, presented the excited graduates with preschool diplomas and “Waterford Early Reading Program” kits to continue developing their reading skills.

“They are a bunch of energetic, smart, attentive and bright little kids,” shared their teacher LaTasha Coleman. “It was a joy teaching them and engaging with their parents. I know that they will accomplish everything they are set out to become in life.”

Arthur Owens, teacher, is of a very high opinion of his tiny graduates. “They worked really hard throughout the year and did a great job showcasing their progress at the ceremony. It was a bitter sweet moment today as we said our goodbyes, but we wish them all the best and hope to keep in touch.”

Akierrehs Grendberry’s mother Angela Grandberry, benefits specialist in the Office of Human Resources at Alcorn, and a Red Lick, Mississippi resident, is grateful to the Center and its teachers and administrators for providing a great experience for her four-year old daughter. “Akierrehs learned so much while attending this school! She also developed her motor and social skills.”

Casey Cook’s parents Crystal, family nurse practitioner, and Tracy Cook, superintendant of education in Jefferson County School District, shared that they feel their son is fully prepared to go on to kindergarten. “We are thankful for the opportunity for Casey to be a part of the program this summer. He really enjoyed the reading program and history lessons. Even though he is younger than other kids in the group, he made a lot of progress.”

Ca’Mya Webster’s mother Catina Briggs, recent graduate of Alcorn, and grandmother Maxine Briggs, who works for Bechtel Construction Company and travels all over the U.S. to nuclear plants, shared that Ca’Mya was a part of the program for a year. “She would come home and tell us what she learned during the day. She also made a lot of friends here, everybody knows her.”

Samuel Wincherster Jr.’s mother Dendria Winchester, bursar in the Division of Finance and Administration at Alcorn, shared that she brought her son to the Center when he was just three months old.“It was a wonderful learning experience for Samuel. He loves the Center and it has become his second family. We are so thankful for everything he has been given here. We couldn’t have done this great of a job educating Samuel by ourselves.”

The ASU Child Development Laboratory Center is committed to providing a high-quality early childhood environment that fosters optimal growth, development and early learning in young children. With classrooms for infants, toddlers and pre-school aged children, the Center provides full-year, full-day child care services for parents and, additionally, permits University students the opportunity to interact with young children as they study their physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth and development. For more information, contact Director LaTasha Brown, at 601.877.6255.

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