Diversity Champions stay active making a difference

Diversity Champions stay active making a difference

Representing the student engagement thrust of the Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion, the Diversity Champions continue to deliver exciting and relevant programming on campus and in the local community.

On November 5, a large crowd convened to participate in “Whose Skin Is In”, a dynamic interactive experience designed to examine issues related to colorism and skin tone bias. After engaging attendees in a fictional trip to the land of “Enotniks” (skin tone spelled backwards) and activities provoking thought and reflection on discrimination, the Diversity Champions facilitated a powerful discussion of the personal effects of colorism, as students freely shared their testimonies and ideas for positively impacting the issue.

On November 7, a group of Diversity Champions traveled with Ms. Loriann Hernandez, assistant director of Educational Equity and Inclusion, to the Jefferson County Nursing Home to provide facepainting for the residents. The program stemmed from a similar event on campus in which students were exposed to the Mexican tradition associated with the Day of the Dead festival.

Finally, on November 11, the group worked in conjunction with the entire Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion to present a night artwalk featuring the creative talents of the Alcorn community.

“I’m so excited that the Diversity Champions have become such a positive force at Alcorn,” said E’Niya Rowry, a sophomore psychology major from Chicago, Illinois, who serves as president of the Diversity Champions. “So much more is in store before the end of the semester and for the rest of the academic year.”

Dr. Derek Greenfield, director of Educational Equity and Inclusion stated, “We all can be proud of this organization, as they represent a truly diverse and inclusive group of dedicated students who care passionately about making Alcorn the most enlightened and inclusive place possible.”