Praxis Test Updates

In 2010, a legislative task force, established to study teacher recruitment, recommended that the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) review currently approved alternate route teacher preparation programs and make changes regarding subject areas and uniformity. As a result, the following seven (7) recommendations were approved:

1. Revise current licensure guidelines, so that all alternate route programs result in a 3-year initial license

2. Delete the MAPQT requirement that an applicant must have a job before a license can be issued

3. Revise requirements of PRAXIS cut scores required for admission into all alternate route programs, to reflect new cut scores recommended by the Commission and State Board of Education.

4. Require that each alternate route program offer the same areas of endorsement for licensure, and add the following areas of endorsement to the current list: Chinese, Economics, Health, Latin, Library/Media, Physical Science, and Special Education K-12.

Students interested in pursuing the Alternate Route (MAT) for teacher certification and licensure face new standards and test score deadlines. The Mississippi Department of Education will accept the old passing PPST scores taken before 9/1/2012 if the educator took and passed the test before 9/1/2012 and applies for a license by 9/1/2014. This means the educator must have completed the program and have a recommendation by the university.

The PRAXIS I PPST test is a requirement for the alternate route educators.

Beginning 9/1/2012
Accepted until 9/1/2015
Taken before 9/1/2012
Accepted until 9/1/2014
READING 0710/5710 172 170-If taken before 9/1/2012
WRITING 0720/5720 173 172-If taken before 9/1/2012
MATHEMATICS 0730/5730 172 169-If taken before 9/1/2012

NEW PRAXIS TEST: Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE)

The CASE test will begin on 9/1/2013, BUT the PRAXIS I Pre Professional Skills Test (PPST) will be offered for test takers until 12/31/2013. After 12/31/2013, the PPST PRAXIS TEST will no longer be offered.

The educator CANNOT combine parts of the PPST and parts of the CASE to meet certification requirements.

Beginning 01/01/2014, educators must take and pass the CASE in order to meet certification requirements.

Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE)

READING 5712 156 9/1/2013
WRITING 5722 162 9/1/2013
MATHEMATICS 5732 150 9/1/2013


MS Senate Bill 2488, effective and in force from and after July 1, 2013, amended section 37-3-2 of the MS Code of 1972, prescribing certain educational criteria for teacher licensure under the standard and alternate route.

Amendments to 37-3-2 include the following:

Effective from and after September 30, 2015, no teacher candidate shall be licensed to teach in Mississippi who did not meet the following criteria for entrance into an approved teacher education program:

Traditional Teaching Route

  • 21 ACT equivalent or passing Praxis scores; and
  • no less than a 2.75 gpa on pre-major coursework of the institution's approved teacher education program provided the accepted cohort of candidates meets or exceeds a 3.0 GPA on pre-major coursework.

    Nontraditional (Alternate) Teaching Route

  • 21 ACT equivalent or passing Praxis score requirements; and
  • no less than a 2.75 gpa on content coursework in the requested area of certification provided that the accepted cohort of candidates of the institution's teacher education program meets or exceeds a 3.0 GPA on pre-major coursework.