Alcorn’s biology professor publishes two articles in international science and technology publication

Lorman, Miss. (February 20, 2014) – Dr. Alex D.W. Acholonu, professor of Biology at Alcorn State University, published two articles in the latest issue of the Advances in Science and Technology Journal. His first article is titled “Studies on the parasites of the cockroach, Periplaeta americana (Insecta: Balattidae) in Lagos, Nigeria”.

“Among other things, this publication brings out the fact that cockroaches are not only house pests, but also carry different kinds of parasites which may infect humans,” shared Acholonu. The author urges the public to beware of cockroaches as “bacteria and parasite eggs, and other food contaminants stick to their jointed appendages and contaminate food cockroaches touch or run over. In short, the cockroaches are not just pests, but are of public health importance in Nigeria, the United States, and other parts of the world where they occur.”

The second paper “Water Quality Studies of Okitankwo River in Owerri, Nigeria” focused on water pollution.

“It is part of a general determination of water quality of rivers within the Owerri municipality as baseline study for future monitoring of the impact of urbanization on the river system within the area, Owerri municipality,” stated Acholonu.

The research adds to the previous published international study conducted on Nworie River in the same area and serves as a further contribution to the public health studies of Mississippi and Nigeria by the author. Acholonu recently returned from Nigeria where he gave public health lectures on radio and television about hook worm (Ancylostoma duodenale and Nectar americanus) which is rampant in Nigeria and among other things, causes anemia.


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