Alcorn professor presents at the national conference on African-American studies

Alcorn professor presents at the national conference on African-American studies

Dr. Carrie Ford, assistant professor of child development and interim chair of the Department of Human Sciences at Alcorn State University, presented a paper “Perceptions of Educational Experiences by At-Risk African-American Students in a Mississippi Head Start Cohort Group” during the National Association of African-American Studies and Affiliates 22nd Joint National Conference. “Transformation of the Color Scheme in a Global Society” was the theme of the event held February 10-15, 2014, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“Alcorn State University department of Human Sciences is responding in numerous ways to changes in under-prepared students’ perceptions about their college experience, especially stressing the mechanisms and tools necessary to increase timely matriculation and retention,” stated Ford. The purpose of the study was to explore individual perceptions of African-American at-risk students in an undergraduate Mississippi Head Start Cohort program, specifically, continuing students or community college transfer students in a four-year urban university.”

An advocate for children and families and a licensed approved staff trainer for the state of Mississippi, Ford serves as peer reviewer for the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and a professional development specialist for candidates seeking to attain a child development associate (CDA) credential. Currently, she has concluded extensive research on at-risk learners consisting of youth in-and-outside of the prison walls. Findings of her research have been presented at national conferences and published in national journals.

Ford is active in numerous state and national professional organizations. She also serves as an early childhood and child development consultant to the Board of Directors for AJFC Community Action, Inc.

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Pictured: Dr. Carrie Ford.