We are…artists. We are Alcorn.

1 a Chris Davis

Lorman, Miss. (March 14, 2014) – Raised in the historic river city of Natchez, Christopher M. Davis inherited the “artistic gene” from his family and the creative atmosphere of his hometown.

Studying at Alcorn and graduating in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with emphasis in print journalism, contributed to his creative abilities – during his tenure as a student, he served on the Yearbook staff and participated in many creative projects at the University. Davis currently holds the position of communication assistant in the Division of Media and University Relations at Alcorn where he designs a variety of publications and can often be found taking photos around the campus. And recently, he has become known as incredible artist whose paintings mesmerize and trigger a deep thought process for those who encounter his works.

Davis always enjoyed painting, but did not make a practice of it until 2012, when he created an interpretation for the theme “The Abundance of Giving”, an event hosted by Greater Faith, a local church in Fayette, Mississippi. Davis shared, “Painting is spiritually therapeutic, and is much needed for me! I’m very glad that I started this journey again.”

Throughout 2012 he would devote most of his free time to painting and he produced many works of art. By 2013, he decided that he was ready to evolve and transform his life into a new era through his artistry. This era came to be known as the “The Artist Renaissance” – the theme of his first art show that was hosted at the Mississippi Cultural Cross Roads in Port Gibson, Mississippi, in September 2013.

Since January 2013, Davis produced over 120 works of art some of which were gifts to very special friends. Currently he is participating in the Lay’s Company “Create to Celebrate” Black History Art Competition which he entered his first piece of the new year — “Drawing Strength”. He is also working on two other pieces, “Botanical Praise” and “Sarah’s Garden of Eternal Rest”. Some of the projects Davis is involved in include creating illustrations for children’s books, developing plans for an online gallery, studio, catalog/magazine and mobile app.

You can see Davis’ work in the following upcoming events:

April 4, 12 noon – 7 p.m.

Art Walk – Display and sells

Downtown Port Gibson, MS

April 26, 7 – 11 p.m.

Cocktails for a Cause – Fundraiser

Live Art Performance

Hattiesburg, MS


KuntryKidz (Facebook Like Page)

May 10 – 11

Natchez Art Festival – Display and sells

Michael Laughlin



July 11 – 13

Cleveland Arts Festival

Cleveland, OH

You can follow Davis on Instagram at CMBelovedKing , Twitter @LiftedByLife , and visit his facebook page at www.facebook.com/theArtistRenaissanceCMBK and web portfolio at www.blackartinamerica.com/profile/ChristopherMichaelDavis .